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My soft and kind wood

Wood construction, even as multi-stories buildings, is not fiction anymore and is expected to be more and more common. I guess there are a million more of them on the web but here are just a few pics of beautiful wooden projects, to dream about a new era of design, a new way of building, a new material for our cities.

Harbin Opera, China, by MAD architects

Sayama Forest Chapel, by Hiroshi Nakamura

Grotto Sauna, by Partisans

Clifftop house Maui, by Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti

Haderslev StreetDome, by Cebra + Glifberg – Lykke

And of course, there is Shigeru Ban with – in order of appearance below – the Japanese Pavilion at the expo 2000, the Nine Bridges Golf Clubhouse, and the Metz Pompidou Center.

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