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Gracefarms, or the river building

Last summer I got to visit the breathtaking community center SANAA built in New Canaan, CT. If someone you know is doubting about contemporary architecture quality, you can show that person this building. It is – simply put – a beautiful project. As you can see on the plan below, each space is related to its specific use and all rooms are connected by a covered walkway gently following the terrain, just as a river would.

All in curves, the soft shapes are amazingly served by neat details. Once again, SANAA surprises with a form that is not preconceived but developped directly from the program and the site. The related concept sketch I saw at the talk the architect gave at the Cooper Union in 2015 reminded me of the organigrams I started to use during Architecture School. I guess I don’t have much to say; I don’t have specific information you wouldn’t find on the official website. For the rest, the building speaks for itself. All I wanted to do is to share a few pictures.

Photo credits: Max Kapiloff & Hasan Bahar

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