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4000 years of human history embodied

This sculpture I got to see at the Bronx Museum is a beautiful embodiment of human civilisation history, as Hiraku Hayakawa describes on his website:

Made from copper tubes, Panta Rhei is a three-dimensional timeline of world history from 2000 BC to 2000 AD. Horizontal lines represent the time a country has existed, while vertical or curved pipe crossing between two or more indicates a war, invasion or independence. The entire structure functions as a fountain. As seen in the video, when activated, water circulates through Panta Rhei’s five engraved tubes representing the earliest ancient civilizations, runs through history, and comes out the other end through the numerous holes representing the 195 modern nations of the year 2000. In this sculptural form, the history of human civilization is represented as a physical body, an architecture of interwoven time and space.

Study/2014 is another of his sculpture that is beautiful and meaningful.  

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